Saturday, October 29, 2011

Its been one month in Coimbatore ILP

To continue with my last blog,its been past one month since we started our  ILP in Coimbatore. Its a mixture of opinions. Sometimes the day will be so long sitting inside class from 8.30am to 8.30pm,finishing the assignments and exercise and one more thing is we have to write learning log for each day which is the thing which i don't like. And ya sometimes if we do not have anything to be completed for the next day will be going off at 6-6.30pm.

Well,coming into technical part, we have finished our User Interface ,Problem Solving Java. Till now we had 2 technical presentation which they say they have evaluated. and we have to do assignments for a mini project called NSEP(National Self Employment Program).

we had pre diagnostics on 21st Oct in which we had to write a java code for the problem statement. they didn't evaluate. It was not easy. though it was not too tough. 2 hours was the time constraint for the test.

 On 24st Oct we had diagnostics which consists of 20 objective java questions which was easy(individual perspective). We had expected them to give us the problem statement and then our job is to java program but they didn't give it, few were happy for this including me.  We also had viva followed by objective questions. and they said they will evaluate this. 

From the next day, four days schedule have planned - Database Management system. It's  actually easy for the IT people as we  have studied during college, so its more like revision. and also Sir told the syllabus is less and easy. and the faculty is so friendly and he very helpful. DBMS was just for 4 days. and we will be having diagnostics for the same on this Monday.  hope it goes well.

More over we are waiting for our first salary which we would be getting on 31st Oct :)

I got a few feedback for my blog saying it is useful and also i received lot of replies.
I am thankful for the people who are following my blog and helping me to get inspired to write more blogs.
c u all soon

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First 20 days of training.. Coimbatore.

Hey guys how you all doing?
Its been 20days since our training started in Coimbatore,tecknoturf(IT). our stream is Java. Coimbatore training centre trains both for IT and ITIS.
till now we have come across the topics such as HTML,CSS, and in detailed about User Interface,more about application programs. now we are involved in writing codes for the programs exercise(problem statements). 

Other than technical there's a session called BIZZSKILLS, a soft skills structured class,where we will be taught about corporate life. the way we should talk,the way we should carry ourselves the attitude we carry,the writing skills, oral communications, how to write mails, different role plays to show in practical about the conversations and situations of corporate life. how to talk on telephone many more. we are actually enjoying these classes. we are havin so much fun with different activities.

will update soon after few days...

cya all :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First week at ILP Coimbatore,teknoturf :D

Hope you have read my previous 2 posts,to continue with that. I have completed a week in ILP.
In a day we will be having technical and BIZSKILLS (business skills).As if now its going on smoothly.  First 2 days  they taught us basics of User Interface(UI) and the various other topics are covered to design UI. then the HTML,we explored more in it. I should tell you guys,mentors here are very professional and experts. After we learnt HTML and few of its attributes we were given a small assignments. A team of 2 will have to give a presentation.

In the bizskills they are teaching us all the business skills, way of dressing(grooming ),gesture,posture,how to carry ourselves. it will be very much fun. everyday a new activity . ya the mentor is so energetic and a key observer. and advising, suggestions given to each individual when needed.

ILP structure has changed from our batch. i dont know about other centers. but in Coimbatore ILP,it is a continuous evaluation process were ,you will be evaluated on a daily basis. you need to perform daily ,and the mentors will be observing you all the time. you cannot fool around them. and the good part is,by this you will have  a good chance to perform and work hard. solve the problem and you be will be confident enough to finish off the work which is given to you. because you dont have other choice. if u  want good rating you have to perform. I have learnt a lot in 1st week.

and its strict in terms of dress code and the other details which they have mentioned . and you need to follow. if you get caught you have to pay the price!

to brief a little from the first day:

you will be having 2 days of induction,
1.document verification
2.opening account in bank
3.they show some videos about tcs.
4.temp id will be given.

3rd day ,your actual ILP would start.
you will be given aspire test which is just formality no need to worry. its basically easy test for IT, we had the quest from database,s/w testing,java,c++.
after that you will get to know about the stream /domain.
I got JAVA/J2EE.
we have 4 batches ,2 batches have got Java/J2EE, and other two got C++ and .NET.

we are yet to be told about posting location.

the timings is same for all the batches from 8.30 am to 6.00pm, if u have any assignments you have to do it their and it goes on till 8.30pm . 12hrs a day. bit hectic...  well first week is ok.. hope it goes on well ....

anyway i hope this is useful....

will update soon...

Vishal Kashyap

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day one @ teknoturf 28th sept 2011 Coimbatore

Today we had our first session in technoturf ..we were welcomed warmly by our ILP co-ordinator..we were totally 118 people. we were made into sub-batches, containing 4 groups..each group had a different classroom wit individual PCs..our group is called C01 contains 27 ppl. we were later assigned domain..our batch got J2EE..however there are 3 domains in ILP coimbatore.-java , .net, c++.
We had introduction about our PDLM(project delivery learning module) was for two hours duration...
Session 2 we had BIZSkills(business skills) where al the business values, communication skills wil be taught , however its fun based chill guys.we had some fun activities -interesting ones though.:)
oh i forgot to tell u all the timings -its 8:30am to 6pm..

cya all :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

First day at ILP Coimbatore 26th sept 2011

Hello all,
First day at ILP Coimbatore was quite good.
Day started at 8.30 in PSG colg. Started with verifying documents it went on till after noon.( HR was not that strict,smaller mistakes in the documents cud hav correct their itself. guess in tvm its bit strict(my frnds were telling)
Then lunch break . after that. they showed movie about TATA group it was about one hour. later after a small break. HDFC ppl had come to open a new account for us. totally it was a good day. We were given temp ID card.
Tomw also there wud be induction from 8.30-.5.30.
will be updating more info soon :)
cya all

Friday, August 5, 2011

My journey of Engineering!

My dear friends,
                                Who are reading this, first I would like to thank u for making time and reading this. You may have to visit few links which takes you and connects my journey @NIE to some snaps and videos or you can also skip those links if you are not interested to look up.

Ok let me take u guys to the days before I joined NIE,
I did my schooling in Mahaveer Vidya Mandir, located in Srirampura Mysore, I’m sure everybody accept that school days are our golden days

Ya due to some reason or may be  my fate I had to join diploma after my 10th in the place of doing PUC. As elders say what ever happens, it happens for good. With those words and few suggestions from family I accidently joined diploma even though I was not totally interested to join diploma. I found diploma it tough in the 1st year. Later I learnt to tackle the subjects and to deal with exams. And I make sure I had to do well in final year diploma to get good rank. Thank fully I got good final years marks  82.93%. and then comes diploma cet.

As most of the general merit students face the problem, even I did , even though I got every good CET rank(96th) I was unable to get seat in JCE,Mysore. But I state “Everything is Pre-written” .
Then I got seat In NIE,mysore( The college I always admire).

Finally I’m taking you guys to my engineering journey. I had many more to tell about my school and diploma days. But I don’t want u guys to get bored of it… J if you are already bored please cooperate :P

LIFE @ National Institute of Engineering, Mysore

Never thought I would get seat in NIE which has ranked among the top engineering college in the academic ranking of Indian colleges by engineering education, also person like Narayana Murthy, Chief Mentor Infosys finished his Engineering at esteemed college NIE.
As I joined engineering through diploma which was 3 years in computer science, I joined directly to 3rd sem Information science and engineering ,NIE.
I did not find any difficulty in making friends here as I am more of fun very friendly so it was easy for me to make friends and to get along with them. Also good thing is my childhood friends Hrishikesh and Karthik with whom I studied in school were my classmates in NIE. I was happy for it.
Somehow got adjusted to the new friends and new life in NIE started, but I found really hard to study math, but few of my friends helped me for this. I would like to remember them even now.
I don’t know what made me to influence for me that I was more interested in extra curricular activities like sports, cultural kind of things than engineering subjects, but to be honest most of the students in NIE  basically give their first preference to their academics than other things which is very obvious.
I was little average student in 2nd year, may be I was adjusting myself to engineering culture also I had interest in extra activities.
during (4th sem) it was like a fun time in college as the College fest techNIEks 2009 was about to happen , as I was  new I was very excited to participate and curious to know how the fest will be like and all, I was fond of volleyball from school days, I was school house captain also. So I got to know that there will be pre techNIEks sports, so with this info I thought why not to organize volleyball in our college and it happened to be first time at college for the first time. I was very proud to organize it. And the event went on very well and it was successful and  everybody appreciated.. I thank Bhargav,Suhas and Amith byrappa for supporting me . I was also a volunteer during the fest.
We totally enjoyed the fest. After few days. Me and my friend Hrishikesh planned to organize a class trip to Mekedatu which was really a great place we really enjoyed almost everybody had come from our class also our fav faculties sanjeev,vikas,sourab. we had a great time with them, it was totally a great experience and also I learnt organizing events and trips are not easy and leant many things in life J.
Here ends my 2nd year engineering. If you tired have a cup of coffee and get back ,if you are energetic you can continue. I like energetic and dynamic people ;)

And now with lots of new things which I had learnt in my previous year, with new hopes entered 5th sem, ya odd sem is really boring with lots of afternoon theory classes,internals,labs. Still engineers are famous for last min prepatations, we were managing to study during the nth moment and got decent score also. All the faculties were very friendly ya of course with few exceptions! :P
With all the fun, roaming with friends ,trips then day had come of 5th sem exams. And did well and got some decent results.
Now  the sem of joy, even sem,fun 6th sem. The college fest was getting near by. We friends were started bunking classes drastically. Parking lot chatting, chit chat at canteen.
The date got closer to colg fest techNIEks 2010. This time I had planned to organize indoor event and I organized an event called “SMS contest” I tried organizing this event in a different way and it went well many were actually enjoyed participating in the event. Oh my god. Trust me never before it was more than 100 participants which was unexpected. I was damn so excited to see those many numbers of participants. And was really happen this event also went well.
This time the fest was happened in NIE sports complex which has the capacity of more than 2000 audience. And I was very much interested to perform on the stage , thank fully I got a chance to participate in musical skit which was very funny and energetic experience and it was very much appreciated. For this I would like to thank Santhosh,Sri hari,Ajay,sanath adiga. Many others. We had a great time and made good friends
And I was also active volunteer learnt so many things. The sem ended with lot of fun again and many more trips and sad thing is one of our fav faculty vikas was leaving the college :(. So I had planned a trip as a  farewell for him with my classmates. It was again a memorable day. Then I finished exams it went well now got improved results and a good score. Totally enjoyed holidays. And was pretty excited to enter final year engineering. Seniors of the college huuuhhh!!!!!! a great feeling. J

Last but not the least ‘’ FINAL YEAR ENGINEERING’’

Now started placement stuffs, everybody’s eye to  get placed in top companies and preparing for companies. We joined soft skills program  organized by NIE with collaboration with a very famous Harish Machia Kodandera. By attending this program I learnt a lot and made more friends in other branches also. Was attending companies ,without preparation just attending companies for the sake of attending which we feel now we could have done better. But what ever we were enjoying it was most  important.

Then in 7th sem we had CR elections of our class. Most of my friends wanted me to participate for it. Well I stood up and won ,it was a very good experience I still remember the day when right after the election after I become the CR of the class I requested sir who conducted the elections to permit a leave for the class. And thankfully Rajesh and Sanjeev sir agreed. So my CR job started like that with appreciation and all my classmates congratulated me.
Now I realized the work which I needed to do for my classmates ,passing sms about the info, meeting with HOD and faculties. It was again a real good experience. Made me to learn what it takes to become a better leader.
As the days got progress me and few of my friends thought about organizing a branch fest which was happened to be first time. Myself,Ankit and Srikanth took the lead and we  discussed the same with Vanamala mam faculty co ordinator for the fest,HOD and Principal. Then  we did all the background work such as sponsorships, advertisement building team, marketing. This took almost a month where we 3 were least bothered to attend our class, in fact we were were irregular visiting college . Spent most of the time outside gathering for sponsorships. From this I leant so much of things mainly taking big responsibilities, risk taking, decision making, time allotment, scheduling, planning. I still feel this as helped me to shape my character, building leadership qualities, being bold, public relation and to talk to audience confidently.

Our branch Information Science fest named ‘arISE 2010’. I was Secretary and Event Manager for the fest. It was a huge success which was very unexpected. I was really shocked to see the crowd on the first day which I was not seen even during our college fest we were so happy that all the work we did was worth and it was most memorable. I would like to thank vanamala mam,our volunteers, organizers and all our classmates and our juniors 
who are responsible for this. My special thanks to Srikanth and Ankit for the wonderful memories.

Mean time I was also involved in a college entrepreneurial group called onyx ,it was very much fun to be with onyx group with their entrepreneurial activities. Our college won the “championship award”.

The 7th sem exam, this time I got a very good score which satisfied me. And then we got the news mass companies will be visiting our college during the holidays.
On December 20th,2010 TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES placement was held in our college.
One of the memorable day I got placed in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES
 so I was more relaxed now .My parents, friends well wishers always wished and blessed me. Now I was like a free bird. .

Last but not the least
Now,  last sem of engineering 8th the most remembered in my life. First day when I went to college mixtures of feelings as this is our last sem of engineering, after this we will be no more students, we will be engineers, so I had a group of friends to hang out was enjoying every moment. Final year projects. project meetings. Still I can count the number of classes I attended in the whole sem :P obvious it was last sem. Still my absent days in the classes were more than than present attendance in the whole sem! :-o
We thoroughly enjoyed writing last internals ,ya it was bit more relaxed and tensionless preparations. As the days progress our last college fest was getting near. As I had worked for colg fest for 2 years. Sushanth the Stu Co called and asked me whether I’m interested to work towards collge fest as the main organizers of techNIEks, ya I was totally happy as I like extra curr;) so we had main core meetings and I choose to become Reception Committee head in the core committee of techNIEks 2011.
Almost every day we had a meeting about the planning and how to make the fest more happening and big. All the members in the core committee were very energetic and were dynamic I had a great time with them really. Many news things we included in this year techNIEks 2011 like we organized “Nage Sanje” Laughter Evening many of Udaya TV speakers were present. We also take the pride of  Live stream of our college fest in website. Like that many new things took place.
Ya and it was first time on ramp for me in fashion show which was sponsored by Peter England. It was very much I enjoyed.

Finally we all enjoyed the fest totally, now I would like to thank all the core members also volunteers who have been so nice to me and all are really a good people and became my very good friends.
After the fest we core committee had been to “Tadiyandamol” which is located in coorg a trekking spot it was very memorable and had a great time .

After fews days of fun,trips,hang outs, then comes the last exam in engineering. Exams went good.
Mean time I was little involved in visiting a place more often  “Divya deepa” Kaliyuva Mane is an alternative school started by Divya Deepa charitable trust, with an aim to transform the lives of underprivileged children.
also was having so fun to organize games for the children and distributing prizes  and taking them small picnics. It was really good to involve with the young minds! Trust me they were really sharp. If u find time visit there once.

when I spend time with these kinds I remember my childhood days!

After the last exam of engineering
 And again one more very memorable which I cannot forget. After the last exam day my hostel Friends asked me to join them to celebrate the day of engineering.  So I went to NIE hostel in the night around 10.30pm,it was superb feeling that we are engineers now and many from other branch ppl also were there we had a great party ;) dancing,masti we are behaving very crazy.
 We had a great fun. Now the craziest part ,we all decided to move to one of friends farm in the mid night 12.30am we all set. Few in car and few in bikes reached his farm near srirangapatna. In the mid night we all managed to crossed the river which was very cold. And we boarded near the rock which was in the middle of the river around 2am. Looking at sky,stars,moon oh my god! Now this is something called awesomeness !!! it was truly indeed a perfect and crazy ending of my engineering life. Most of them were my mech frnds they also few friends from other branches. I had great time all together after chit chats there. We finally made our mind to come back to hostel at 3.30am,it was a real good an amazing experience for all of us.
After few days 8th sem result came, I was thrilled to hear my result ,that even I was 9 pointer. So here comes my engineering ended with good result, crazy experience also wit lots of learning things in life.

Engineer from NIE, proudly Vishal.K.R,BE,Information Science. J
I have tried to summarize my engineering life in the form of video. And I was surprised when I heard our principal G.L Shekar saw my video and he appreciated me. ( This is my personal req if u have 8min please watch this video with voice, I’m sure most of my friends reading this have already watched this)
So friends I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for having so much of patience and reading this, and I am not a great writer and not a GRE student ;) I used very simple words to express it
Hope u enjoyed reading also.
Good luck one and all J
Best wishes !
I also take this opportunity to thank my Mother,my father,my sister,family especially my uncle and aunt,friends for their continuous support who have been always nice to me and for the good wishes.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

December 20th 2010 most memorable when i got placed in TCS


Hey frnds :)
Congratulations for all the people who hav  placed.. and  best wishes for the ppl who's placements are ahead . Wishing them a very good luck, coz it matters a lot here.:)

Felt like just sharing my day at TCS placements!!!

as i had direct entry(more than 75% throughout in 10th ,diploma and Engg) I was into technical interview(1st round).
In that I was asked about my project.. i spoke for about 10min and then he asked me to write palindrome of numbers not strings. somehow managed. and he asked me about some basic c++ quest's which i gave some accurate ans. then i was done wit tech round.
and then
I was called for HR round then. HR was a bit experienced guy.
 the quest asked were as follows.
1. tell me about TCS?
2. what do u want to be in life?
3. what do u think u'll be doing after joining to tcs.?
4. what are your hobbies?
5. what do u do other then curriculum activities?
He was very much a friendly guy and he asked me to ask him some quests if I hav any
I asked
1. whats your name? long u r working in tcs?
3. is there any plan for tcs to open a branch in mysore.?
 he was surprised that i shooted some straight forw quest!!! 
he also enjoyed answering me!
it was around 30min discussion then he asked me to leave after wishing me best of luck.

for few ppl they had only two rounds and for few ppl had 3 rounds. I was called for my 3rd round.
we finished our lunch then I was called for my 3rd round  around 4pm... there were 2 ladies. One lady was really screwing everybody
asking every bit of resume so i was hoping i wont get into her panel. Thank god. I was called for  another panel that lady was the HR she was ery much friendly .

First she smiled and asked me to sit.
she was basically from TamilNadu she was knowing a little bit of kannada.
these were the conversation we had :)

Mam:. Hi vishal,:) how are you?
me: I'm fine Thank u. how are u?
Mam: Yeah,im doing good. so vishal tell me how many gf's do u have?
me: ha ha! I was smiling..:D
Mam: well. ok tel me...Ok.. . u had lunch? what did u hav for ur lunch?
me: Bisibele bath:) and u?
Mam: yes i had. we usually hav bisibele only during morning.

her kannada was like god!! i was making fun  of her.. bt she was very much friendly.

Mam: so vishal do u know about bond? she was telling about it
Mam: so vishal,u ready to go any where?
me: yes mam, bt i love Bangalore (told indirectly as a  hint that i luv to work at bang)
Mam: No vishal dnt worry u wont be put at bang.. U'll be going to TN or North India :)
me: I said ok mam No prob.
Mam: she was asking more about my achievements field in d resume the extra curricular activities . she was really impressed to be honest that saved me really...she was quite impressed about my resume.
me: thank u mam :)
Mam: Ok vishal ,wish you best of luck :)
me: thank u mam. and then i left :)

The result was announced around 6.30pm on the same day...  Thank god  !! my name was shortlisted .
I got through TCS .
and i was really on cloud 9 and i was too happy
Thanks to my parents,god,NIE,lecturers and frnds.. who are all the part of it :):)

see guys , its just a matter of time and luck ... ntng more,, be confident .. everybody gets their day.. just hav to wait and to be focused

all the best... :)