Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day one @ teknoturf 28th sept 2011 Coimbatore

Today we had our first session in technoturf ..we were welcomed warmly by our ILP co-ordinator..we were totally 118 people. we were made into sub-batches, containing 4 groups..each group had a different classroom wit individual PCs..our group is called C01 contains 27 ppl. we were later assigned domain..our batch got J2EE..however there are 3 domains in ILP coimbatore.-java , .net, c++.
We had introduction about our PDLM(project delivery learning module) was for two hours duration...
Session 2 we had BIZSkills(business skills) where al the business values, communication skills wil be taught , however its fun based chill guys.we had some fun activities -interesting ones though.:)
oh i forgot to tell u all the timings -its 8:30am to 6pm..

cya all :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

First day at ILP Coimbatore 26th sept 2011

Hello all,
First day at ILP Coimbatore was quite good.
Day started at 8.30 in PSG colg. Started with verifying documents it went on till after noon.( HR was not that strict,smaller mistakes in the documents cud hav correct their itself. guess in tvm its bit strict(my frnds were telling)
Then lunch break . after that. they showed movie about TATA group it was about one hour. later after a small break. HDFC ppl had come to open a new account for us. totally it was a good day. We were given temp ID card.
Tomw also there wud be induction from 8.30-.5.30.
will be updating more info soon :)
cya all