Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Initial Days at Amsterdam, 2014

On March 17th,2014 I arrived to Amsterdam, Netherlands - my first foreign visit for the work purpose from TCS for a banking client.

Being in India for the past 23 years, it was an immense and drastic change where I witnessed the  structured , organized , disciplined and cleanness.

Yes I was damn excited looking at the people of different culture and the way they live.

It is of course totally different from our Indian culture. lots of things to learn in terms of the law, road rules, process they follow. But I don’t say we only learn from here.  There is also few important things are lacking here compare to India.
India is a big country with massive crowd, it’s not so easy to manage different kinds of people from different places with different culture , where in India we value every relationship and we love to stay with our parents and keep them happy all the time .. There are certain things which I feel India has a better values and certain other things which we want to learn from Dutch culture - especially the punctuality and being straight and less diplomatic and to do the things which are promised.
well, leaving all these apart.
Started to office on the first day early morning 8 am 18th march 2014, cloudy and windy day it was , people are well dressed and good thing is , they wish everyone they see, be it in apartment, be it in bus/train, and in office, everybody follows that culture, which is really good and gives you a fresh start for the day and keep you motivated for the rest of the day.
I really liked the work culture, they follow strict In and Out time and they stretch only when it is really required.
Things I learnt here. Most imp is
1. cooking- yes now I know to cook most of the things, may be not up to the level of a good cook , but I can manage and have the confident to serve good food.
2. To clean our stuffs, when I was in home, it was always my mother and my sister who takes care of me everything, food, dress, packing, all the stuffs, I need not had to worry about anything else. Now all these work are on me which keeps me busy all day when I am in apartment.
Coming back to the road rules, almost 99% people follow the road rules hence there are very little number of accidents and not much problem is created to the public, and everything is maintained clean. They know there responsibilities well. They have a strict government.
And the most interesting part is Holland/Netherland has a special lines/lanes for the people who ride cycles, famously called as Bikes here, we see people aged from 5 till 70 riding bikes every corner on the street, they travel to office by bikes, bikes are one of the important means of transportation in Holland, and yes it is very healthy.

I was really interested to buy one , also i wanted to lose some weight :P from the past 6 months , for being irregular to gym and eating all oily stuffs. I have put up lots weight.

Well after few days I finally got one Bike.. really enjoying riding it to office. in a cool climate, country side, pollution less roads..

Okay.. this is all I had to say about Amsterdam, I will talk more on my next blog about my trips to Paris, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium, yeah many of my friends asked me whether I have come for work or for the Europe trip
I tell them work hard on weekdays and party hard on weekends...

Thanks for being patience and taking your time for reading my posts :)