Saturday, October 29, 2011

Its been one month in Coimbatore ILP

To continue with my last blog,its been past one month since we started our  ILP in Coimbatore. Its a mixture of opinions. Sometimes the day will be so long sitting inside class from 8.30am to 8.30pm,finishing the assignments and exercise and one more thing is we have to write learning log for each day which is the thing which i don't like. And ya sometimes if we do not have anything to be completed for the next day will be going off at 6-6.30pm.

Well,coming into technical part, we have finished our User Interface ,Problem Solving Java. Till now we had 2 technical presentation which they say they have evaluated. and we have to do assignments for a mini project called NSEP(National Self Employment Program).

we had pre diagnostics on 21st Oct in which we had to write a java code for the problem statement. they didn't evaluate. It was not easy. though it was not too tough. 2 hours was the time constraint for the test.

 On 24st Oct we had diagnostics which consists of 20 objective java questions which was easy(individual perspective). We had expected them to give us the problem statement and then our job is to java program but they didn't give it, few were happy for this including me.  We also had viva followed by objective questions. and they said they will evaluate this. 

From the next day, four days schedule have planned - Database Management system. It's  actually easy for the IT people as we  have studied during college, so its more like revision. and also Sir told the syllabus is less and easy. and the faculty is so friendly and he very helpful. DBMS was just for 4 days. and we will be having diagnostics for the same on this Monday.  hope it goes well.

More over we are waiting for our first salary which we would be getting on 31st Oct :)

I got a few feedback for my blog saying it is useful and also i received lot of replies.
I am thankful for the people who are following my blog and helping me to get inspired to write more blogs.
c u all soon

Sunday, October 16, 2011

First 20 days of training.. Coimbatore.

Hey guys how you all doing?
Its been 20days since our training started in Coimbatore,tecknoturf(IT). our stream is Java. Coimbatore training centre trains both for IT and ITIS.
till now we have come across the topics such as HTML,CSS, and in detailed about User Interface,more about application programs. now we are involved in writing codes for the programs exercise(problem statements). 

Other than technical there's a session called BIZZSKILLS, a soft skills structured class,where we will be taught about corporate life. the way we should talk,the way we should carry ourselves the attitude we carry,the writing skills, oral communications, how to write mails, different role plays to show in practical about the conversations and situations of corporate life. how to talk on telephone many more. we are actually enjoying these classes. we are havin so much fun with different activities.

will update soon after few days...

cya all :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First week at ILP Coimbatore,teknoturf :D

Hope you have read my previous 2 posts,to continue with that. I have completed a week in ILP.
In a day we will be having technical and BIZSKILLS (business skills).As if now its going on smoothly.  First 2 days  they taught us basics of User Interface(UI) and the various other topics are covered to design UI. then the HTML,we explored more in it. I should tell you guys,mentors here are very professional and experts. After we learnt HTML and few of its attributes we were given a small assignments. A team of 2 will have to give a presentation.

In the bizskills they are teaching us all the business skills, way of dressing(grooming ),gesture,posture,how to carry ourselves. it will be very much fun. everyday a new activity . ya the mentor is so energetic and a key observer. and advising, suggestions given to each individual when needed.

ILP structure has changed from our batch. i dont know about other centers. but in Coimbatore ILP,it is a continuous evaluation process were ,you will be evaluated on a daily basis. you need to perform daily ,and the mentors will be observing you all the time. you cannot fool around them. and the good part is,by this you will have  a good chance to perform and work hard. solve the problem and you be will be confident enough to finish off the work which is given to you. because you dont have other choice. if u  want good rating you have to perform. I have learnt a lot in 1st week.

and its strict in terms of dress code and the other details which they have mentioned . and you need to follow. if you get caught you have to pay the price!

to brief a little from the first day:

you will be having 2 days of induction,
1.document verification
2.opening account in bank
3.they show some videos about tcs.
4.temp id will be given.

3rd day ,your actual ILP would start.
you will be given aspire test which is just formality no need to worry. its basically easy test for IT, we had the quest from database,s/w testing,java,c++.
after that you will get to know about the stream /domain.
I got JAVA/J2EE.
we have 4 batches ,2 batches have got Java/J2EE, and other two got C++ and .NET.

we are yet to be told about posting location.

the timings is same for all the batches from 8.30 am to 6.00pm, if u have any assignments you have to do it their and it goes on till 8.30pm . 12hrs a day. bit hectic...  well first week is ok.. hope it goes on well ....

anyway i hope this is useful....

will update soon...

Vishal Kashyap