Friday, September 18, 2015

In Some Point In Time In Life - Vishal Kashyap

In some point in time in life, where you feel what ever you are doing is waste of time and you want to do something and you want to achieve something,but you do not know what you want to do, isnt funny?
and there is some ego within you tells who ever guides you are not well  informed and you start feeling like you know everything in life and you can win everywhere and everyone . I do not know whether it is a postive sign of LIFE or it happens with everyone in some point of time in their life
Or It's a stupid perspective within yourself...

In some point in time in life, We feel life is not just about doing your daily route, making your family and friends happy, buying the expensive gadgets, wearing the comfortable cloths. Life is a lot more than that.
A person who helps the poor today might be bitching about the other rich tomorrow, how do we judge a person?
When do we say he/she is good or bad, should we judge at all? Or is it like everyone has their freedom to live in their own way, or you should react at all? you should reach  because it is affecting you or it is effecting the society.

In some point in time in life,All these topics happens on a day to day in everybody's life , it is not so easy to comprehend. It is the mindset within each of us,
is it about how do we take it?
how do we see it? how do we understand it!!!! I do not know !!!

In some point in time in life, you start feeling hatredness with the life you in , with the people you are with, with the place you live, with the food you eat. with the clothes you wear, with the phone you use, with the glass you drink, with the road you walk, with the people you smile.
 what do you do about it?
how can you change about it? being a human, isn't normal to expect good and bad things in life equally , just like happy and sad moments, funny and ugly times,
Will you be happy always when you see only happiness in life? ... Ask your self,

In some point in time in life, you feel you should have million dollors in your bank account, a network full of friends, a happy family, people around talking good things about you... Imagine you now have all these ,will you be happy now? .. I am sure not..... after some point of time you get bored and allergenic of the same things.. you feel and you start realizing...
, money is not the happiness, you need to spend time alone to feel the inner peace. you might not need too many people around you talking about you... you just need you...

Life is funny isnt? we will never live in the present, We either worry about the past or we either think and plan about the future, and we miss to live those moments in the present.

Well, im right now in a funny state of mind and writing some crap things which is coming straight from my brains. Please EXCUSE :)